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– at Plaza BII Tower 2

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Advertising – Line

I prefer this line ad instead of AADC version. Simple. But meaningful.

Thailand always come with great ads like this. – at Plaza BII Tower 2

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Yang gak bisa view videonya… ini saya upload di sini.

Komunitas Lebah – Bangun Anak Bangsa Bersama


Selamat malam Sahabat Lebah,

Sbg pembuka lembaran baru di tahun 2015, kami dari Komunitas Lebah akan mengawalinya dengan Cerdas Tanpa Batas (CTB), kegiatan memberi bantuan buku & permainan edukatif kpd anak-anak di dusun Sinongko, desa Ropoh, kec. Kepil, kab. Wonosobo, Ja-Teng pada 10 Jan 2015. Selain itu, kami juga akan mengadakan penyuluhan kesehatan gigi, keterampilan kreatif, nobar film anak & sesi parenting.

Kami mengundang para sahabat utk berkontribusi di kegiatan CTB ini, baik buku maupun dana. Kami menerima beragam jenis buku, baik buku baru ataupun bekas, namun TIDAK menerima komik berseri Jepang, buku resep & majalah. Jika ingin memberikan buku pelajaran, mohon sesuaikan dgn kurikulum saat ini. Mohon TIDAK memberikan buku yg sudah robek, sudah ada coretan ataupun sudah ada stiker nama.

Buku dapat dikirimkan ke:
Yulia Baso
Jl. Merpati I/46 Rt 003/06
Pesanggrahan – Jakarta Selatan

Sementara untuk kontribusi dana, bisa melalui transfer ke:

BCA: 5540368459 a/n Fitriana Damayanti
Mandiri: 1270006786857 a/n Fitriana Damayanti/Yulia Absari

Harap sms/WA konfirmasi ke 081214799140 dg format sbb:
10/11 Mandiri Yulia 500rb

Lebih detailnya, klik tautan proposal ini

Terima kasih dan selamat beraktivitas!

Salam Lebah, Bzzzzz…
Bersama Berbagi Peduli

-Edy kurniawan- | @komunitas_lebah | Fanpage: Komunitas Lebah | – with Ijul and Ed at Plaza BII Tower 2

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You Know When…

You know when:

1. Reading a good book. You just can’t stop reading it. Chapter by chapter, it built curiosity and make you wander how is the ending.

2. Watching a good movie. You just captivated by those scenes. They just make you forget that you need to go to bathroom. Make you thinking that “i don’t want to miss a single scene”

3. Reading a great inspiration article. You just keep on reading till it finish and give you ideas on real life implementation. Give you some “flame” inside that you CAN.

4. Having a good sleep. Even an earthquake can’t wake you up. No… If you sleep well, you will be waking up in fresh conditions. Your body says: “thank you for the best sleep ever”

5. Any idea???

Jakarta Clean Project

So… Finally, on November 2, 2014, last Sunday, the Jakarta Clean Project is execute successfully in Kota Tua Jakarta. The project coordinated by group of friends, that called themselves as Helping (for more info about this group, check:

At the beginning, they estimated that the volunteer is around 50 persons but turn out that the volunteer come up to around 120 peoples. And, i was very grateful that i am one of them. At least, we can contribute something to Jakarta. To make Jakarta cleaner and beautiful.

Ok. So we are told to gather in Kota Tua on 06:00 AM. But then…. due to lack of sleep, i woke up late. I woke around 5AM and then hurry go there (after showering of course). I arrived there, using Ojek, around 5:45 if i’m not mistaken. You know what i found there? I found that Kota Tua is a garbage place. Many garbage there. I know that on Saturday, there is an event there, but never expected to see so many. Don’t believe me? See these video i took using my iphone, i used the slo-mo.

Then after gathered all, we are divided into 5 groups, which in charge for individual area. I don’t have the mapping on the group area but i was in group A, charged for the area beside the Batavia Cafe, direct to the Busway stop behind Kota Tua, then circled back to the food area beside the Virgin’s record if i’m not mistaken. Quite large area.

The problem cleaning up this Kota Tua is that, around 8 AM, most of the visitors come and also the seller. They preparing themselves to sold the food, drink, smoke, etc. So we were asked to be able finish it before those seller open. And the result? Myself is quite happy with the result from all groups. As you can see in these video from the Helping.

Jakarta Clean Project

And afterwards, we are relaxing with a refreshment from Starbucks, one of the sponsor. Free Coffee and Doughnut… hahaha. After, the photo session as always (in any event). For me? I’m still tired so not joining the photo session. Sitting at the back.

Around 10AM, we all dismissed. For me? I was still have a very long day coz i have to attend a wedding party in Citereup, Bogor (which is actually near my house in Cibubur) – 2,5 hours on Ojek to Citereup.

These are the tagline that you can search on Path, or IG, or FB for more detail. As i mentioned also, you can check the FB. #Jakartacleanproject #starbucks #kompasgramedia #helpingpedulisosi – with Fengki, Tommy, Oka, Dean, MYL, Diana, Windah, drh Denny, Margy, Ed, On On, Lili, Febriyan, Bramanti, Baadi, Willy, NurulNoor, Fauzi, Rie, and Velly at Kota Tua

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Thank you so much Helping for the invitation and allowing me to involve in such great project. Don’t forget to count me in next project.


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